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Board of Directors

Brian Matt - President, Treasurer, Census Tract 9501 (Viburnum)
Gary Lotz - Secretary, Census Tract 9502 (Arcadia)
September Bennett - Board Member, Census Tract 9503 (Pilot Knob)
Mike Mayberry - Board Member, Census Tract 9504 (Annapolis)
Connie Reed - Administrative Director
Jim Scaggs, Iron County Presiding Commissioner
Michael Randazzo, Legal Counsel

Nomination for Director
The Iron County Economic Partnership Board of Directors, in accordance with its bylaws, is accepting letters of interest from those who have interest in serving as a volunteer Director on the Iron County Economic Partnership Board of Directors.  ICEP has two current openings on its Board of Directors.  Any member of the community may nominate himself, herself, or someone else.  ICEP will continue to solicit nominations until all openings are filled.  

If you are nominated or choose to be considered as a candidate for an open position on the ICEP Board of Directors, please complete this form.  You may also attach any additional information that would be helpful to review in considering your application. Return this information by email to: or deliver in person to the ICEP Office located at 250 S. Main Street in Ironton. Please, DO NOT put this form in the U.S. Mail. Openings will be filled by at least a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors.  Nominees must declare their candidacy in writing or in person. The census tract map may be viewed or downloaded here.  

ICEP bylaws set forth specific qualifications and disqualifications for service. You may read these qualifications and disqualifications on pages 4 and 5 of the bylaws here.  For more information about the ICEP call Connie Reed, Adminstrative Director at 573-915-1569.

Updated:  08/15/2019