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Iron County is noted for its charming small towns, historic sites and proximity to numerous wilderness areas that attract nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.  Arcadia gained Amtrak service in 2016 through a strong community advocacy and planning effort. 

The Amtrak stop offers another method of getting to the scenic beauty of Iron County.  

 If you arrive by Amtrak and are staying at one of our local lodging options, a courtesy shuttle will arrive to pick you up. To explore on your own while you're here, you can rent a car or even bring your bicycle on board when you visit by train. 

Rent a car and enjoy the beauty of a drive through Iron County.  Adams Custom Auto Service offers rental cars, as well as automobile service and repair.  Call them at 573-546-2583.  Located on South Hwy 21 in Arcadia, Missouri. 

‚ÄčArcadia Valley Tours is a great way to Explore Iron County and surrounding areas with a Best of Arcadia Valley Tour, Civil War Tour, Granite & Elephant Rocks Tour, or a Wine Country Tour.  Check out Tour + Hotel Packages as well.